Corporate and M&A


One of the most important prerequisites to start a successful business is choosing an appropriate corporate structure: independent legal entity (for example, limited liability company or joint stock company) or subdivision of the parent company (branch or representative office). That is equally important both for companies entering the new markets independently and for those which rely on experience of a local partner and build up relations with him within a joint venture.

Besides that, corporate law issues are also close connected to day-to-day business of each company (convocation and holding of shareholders' meetings, forming of corporate bodies, amending of foundation documents), as well as further developments (merger with another company or acquisition of shares to take over control) and termination of business (voluntary or compulsory liquidation of the company).

Our legal services in Corporate and M&A include advising on all aspects of Russian corporate law:

  • - registration of companies with foreign investment in all organizational forms (limited liability company / OOO, joint stock company / AO) and non-profit organizations in all forms;
  • - registration of changes to foundation documents (charter, foundation agreement) and the state register of legal entities (EGRUL) (change of name, address, structure of corporate bodies, appointment of a new director, other changes);
  • - registration of representative offices, branches and other separated subdivisions of Russian legal entities;
  • - accreditation of representative offices and branches of foreign legal entities, renewal of accreditation;
  • - structurizing of joint ventures with local or foreign partners;
  • - advising on shareholders agreements;
  • - holding of shareholders' meeting;
  • - corporate restructuring (merger, affiliation, spin-off, separation, reorganization);
  • - acquisition of shares and participatory interest in Russian companies
  • - legal due diligence of target companies;
  • - liquidation of companies, representative offices and branches.
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