Personnel are the most valuable assets of each company. That is why it is crucial to formalize labour relations with every employee properly -from a worker to top management. Detailed stipulation of mutual rights and obligations, providing employees with social benefits guaranteed by law, strict compliance with requirements to alteration and termination of a labour agreement are guarantees for steady growing of the business.

If the management of a company decides to hire foreign specialists, it is necessary to pay attention to obtainment of permission documents: permission for the company to hire foreign employees and work permit for each foreign specialists. Right after obtainment of all permission documents and signing of employment contract, the company must notify about it a range of state bodies. For failure to comply with statutory requirements to hiring of foreign specialists, the company can be imposed to pay large fines.

We consult our clients on all issues of Russian employment regulations and labour law:

  • - labour agreements (drafting, concluding, alteration and termination);
  • - compensation and benefit schemes;
  • - collective agreements, internal working regulations and job instructions;
  • - statutory pension, social and medical insurance;
  • - labour relations with specific categories of employees (directors, members of board, employees with families, etc.);
  • - hiring of foreign employees including high-qualified specialists;
  • - obtainment of work permits and working visas for foreign employees;
  • - collective bargaining, individual dispute resolution;
  • - labour litigation.
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