Securities and Finance


Rapid increase of import and export transactions, use of alternative payment instruments caused the situation when foreign currency transactions, use of securities as instrument of payment (shares, bills of exchange, etc.) or purchasing them (including for investments purposes) became a part of day-to-day activity for many companies. Although they seem to be customary, it is necessary to constantly have in mind legal regulations in the area of foreign control and anti-laundering regime. These rules are especially of high importance for those companies which transfer large amounts from and to abroad or deal with counterparties registered in off-shore jurisdictions.

Legal issues of financing become actual for the companies attracting additional financing for further development: purchase of raw materials or equipment, enlargement of production facilities or expansion into the new markets. Depending on the situation, in some cases it is reasonable to use loans provided by the shareholders or financial organizations such as banks, leasing companies or microfinancial organizations. In other cases, it could be recommended to organize an additional share issue and sell shares to outside investors.

Our legal expertise covers the following areas of securities and financial regulations:

  • - banking, insurance, investments funds, non-governmental pension funds regulations;
  • - currency regulations and currency control;
  • - anti-money laundering regime;
  • - insider information regime and insider trading;
  • - leasing, credit and loan agreements;
  • - pledge agreements and bank guarantees;
  • - microfinancing and microfinancial organizations;
  • - registration of share and bonds issuance;
  • - promissory note and bill of exchange regulations;
  • - mandatory disclosure of information to the Federal Service for Financial Markets (FSFR).
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