Litigation and Arbitration


When contending parties exhausted all means to settle a dispute peacefully, addressing to the court is the last resort. However, the pre-trial stage is crucial in terms of collecting documents and fixation of facts, which will be used as evidence in court. It could be recommended to consider perspectives of court disputes even while signing the contract and to choose the venue and a competent court (state or arbitration court).

Besides court disputes out of contracts, companies can be exposed to proceedings due to claims raised by supervising authorities following inspections. Proper protection of company's interests at administrative proceedings and appealing unlawful decisions taken by supervising authorities will help to avoid unjustified punishment.

We represent our clients' interests in pre-court dispute resolution proceedings, before all Russian state courts and arbitration institutions as well as in supervisory public bodies in course of administrative proceedings across all regions of Russia:

  • - pre-court resolution of economical disputes as well as property and non-property disputes;
  • - economical disputes arising out of entrepreneurial activity in state arbitrazh courts at first instance, appellation, cassation and supervisory instances;
  • - property and non-property disputes in state courts of general jurisdiction (justice of the peace, city and regional courts, appellation, cassation and supervisory instances);
  • - economic disputes in non-governmental arbitration institutions (ad hoc arbitrators, arbitration institution at trade and industry chambers, etc.);
  • - administrative proceedings in supervisory public bodies arising out of administrative violations;
  • - challenging public bodies' decisions in courts;
  • - enforcement of court and arbitrage decisions.
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